The capacity building webinar “EU SME: How to go international” of AEWEN and euWater4i-SD gathered around 40 participants

The capacity building webinar “EU SME: How to go international” of AEWEN and euWater4i-SD gathered around 40 participants

The capacity building webinar “EU SME: How to go international” took place on Wednesday 1rst of March 2023 with about 40 participants. Commonly organized by AEWEN and euWater4i-SD, the online training aimed at giving keys to European SMEs to successfully internationalise. Both projects were shortly presented by their project coordinator: Mélissa Chibko for AEWEN and Igor Aranguren for euWater4i-SD. The projects are funded under the EU programme COSME Clusters Go International and support the internationalisation of SMEs with several tools such as capacity building webinars, B2B meetings and trade missions. The target countries of AEWEN are Morocco, Tunisia and Senegal, and the target countries of euWater4i-SD are Kenya, Uganda, Peru and Bolivia.

Three experts were invited to take the floor and present what they think is essential to consider for an SME internationalisation strategy.Mattin Etxeberria, internationalisation consultant from ieTeam, explained what a strategic plan for internationalisation is, what its purpose is and how it is done. According to the motto “Old ways won’t open new doors”, Mattin compared companies to mushrooms: A mushroom might grow in a forest in France, but not in Tunisia or Peru. It will need specific conditions or will have to adapt to a different environment. SMEs must identify the purpose of their internationalisation: Why do they want to go international in the first place? Then the strategic plan for internationalisation can be defined and customised for every company. Predefined steps can be followed such as the market and country preselection, the company profile analysis, the definition of the roadmap and the governance of the plan. ieTeam helps companies to go through these different steps.

Tatiana Miron is an advisor and CEO of the company Prime target in Marseille. She presented three key tools to help choosing a market adapted to the needs of companies. She showed that the reasons for failure in internationalisation are often the lack of an export strategy, ineffective country targeting or / and wasted time and resources. Spending time and resources on selecting international markets is key, especially considering that it takes one to two years to develop a market and that an SME can develop only one to two countries per year. SMEs need to ask themselves: Which market is going to bring more potential, less risk and a lot of opportunities? Tatiana Miron presented three online platforms that can help SMEs identify the countries with the best export potential for them. Among them is the platform developed by Prime target itself, “Market Ranking”, which, after completion of a short questionnaire, sends a Market Ranking report with ranking, market data as well as country economy, risk and other data. The platform is free to test.

Finally, Saad Hamoumi, president of the Harvard Consulting group in Casablanca, Morocco, and Board member of the Globallians network, presented the dos and don’ts of going international. Globallians is an association of International Business Experts represented in more than 60 countries. It offers a range of services in different areas such as sales development, production and technology transfer. Saad Hamoumi showed the importance of defining the objectives of an internationalisation project. Getting to know the market is a first step, which shall lead to carrying out of an implementation study, choosing an implementation strategy and finally defining medium and long-term development objectives. SMEs should not minimise the complexities of global expansion and neglect to investigate country risks. Several risks need to be considered, for instance the risk of culture shock or the risk related to the choice of partners, and measures need to be planned to mitigate them. Saad Hamoumi concluded his presentation with an overview of Moroccan promising sectors and a focus on the renewable energy sector.

The webinar was overall a success and provided insightful material for European SMEs wanting to go international. AEWEN and euWater4i-SD warmly thank the speakers and the participants and invite them to stay tuned: More webinars and trade missions are to come, with a greater focus on target countries.

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Coherently with AEWEN’s goals, two sessions were organised to provide information on the Tunisian market. The first appointment in January, gave EU companies an overview of the country and its water and energy sectors. The other one in February was focused on technology demand and offer to facilitate matchmaking among participants. The AEWEN consortium could count on its local partners (CERTE, Ecopark Borj-Cédria, Tunicreee, Tunisian Technoparks Association) for the organisation and their participation in the events


On 25th January, 8 Tunisian speakers presented the opportunities in Tunisia.  The webinar was followed by over 40 people coming from 9 different countries.

The first part was introductory and gave an overview on the green transition in Tunisia. In particular, Zied Lahbib from FIPA Tunisia (Foreign Investment Promotion Agency) deepened the knowledge on the assets, business opportunities and reasons to invest in Tunisia for the European companies. Then Narjès Abdennebi, Amina Lamouchi (both from Ecopark) and Ramzi Zammali (Tunisian Technoparks Association) presented the Ecopark and the Tunisian Technoparks, with a particular focus on the opportunities in creating partnerships for European projects and programmes.

To give an idea of the energy sector, Raja Fradi from ANME (Agence Nationale pour la Maîtrise de l’Énergie) presented the main policies and activities for the energy management. She also gave an overview of the main indicators for the energy sector and talked about some projects and programmes for the international cooperation. Sami Marrouki (from Tunicreee) presented the institutional, legal and financial framework and the national energy policy in Tunisia.

During the last part, dedicated to the water sector, Khaled Zaabar from SONEDE (Société Nationale d’Exploitation et de Distribution des Eaux) and Khaoula Masmoudi from CERTE (Centre des Recherches et des Technologies des Eaux) deepened the following topics: energy transition for a sustainable drinking water service and the main actors, challenges, opportunities as well as legal framework in the Tunisian water sector.


The second webinar was held on 15th February. It focused on the technology demand and offer concerning the water and energy sectors in Tunisia. The aim of this event was to investigate the Tunisian companies and market’s expectations to try meeting their needs. For this reason, the webinar was followed by a B2B session.

The three speakers covered the following topics: Narjès Abdennebi (Ecopark) presented some water technologies, especially for the irrigation sector, Sami Marrouki (Tunicreee) talked about the priorities and the demand for technologies in the energy sector, while Zakarya Ahmed (CRTEn) explained how research is done in his organisation: the Research and Technology centre for Energy.

After having gained knowledge on the country and the market, companies were invited to present themselves and participate in online B2Bs. All the activities organised were useful in preparation for the mission to Tunisia, especially as they gave the opportunity to the companies both from Europe and from Tunisia to start meeting each other.

You could not attend the webinars? The videos are available on AEWEN’s YouTube channel.

Capacity Building Webinar EU SME: how to go International.

Capacity Building Webinar EU SME: how to go International.

The internationalization of companies is a unique opportunity to expand their reach and strengthen their position in the global marketplace. With a presence abroad, companies can access new markets, improve their competitiveness and diversify their revenue streams. However, the road to internationalization can be complicated and requires a strategic and well-planned approach.

The EU-funded euWater4i-SD and AEWEN projects aim to support the internationalization of SMEs as they move into new markets.

That is why we would like to invite all companies interested in exploring new business opportunities abroad to join us on this exciting journey. On March 1st we will be holding an online event designed to provide valuable and current information on how to expand your business in the global market.

During this day, we will have the opportunity to hear from experts in the field, learn about the latest trends and strategies in internationalization, as well as discuss with them about the possible difficulties that companies may encounter when starting their work abroad.

This is a unique opportunity to gain essential knowledge, make valuable contacts and strengthen your presence in the global marketplace. We look forward to sharing ideas and discussing best practices in internationalization. Please feel free to contact us for more information about the event. Click here to register.

Discover more on Tunisia and meet the companies

Discover more on Tunisia and meet the companies

After the success of the first appointment on Tunisia , discover more about technology demand and supply in the Tunisian markets thanks to AEWEN – Country Day Tunisia #2.

The webinar will present the Tunisian companies offering and seeking solution in sectors related to water and energy.

It will be followed by online B2Bs: a chance to get to know some companies and in preparation of the next mission to Tunisia, that is planned in June 2023.

The B2Bs will take place for three days on the Swapcard platform.

Join the webinar on February 15th from 10 to 11.45 and the B2Bs on:

– February 15th from 12 to 17.30*

– February 16th from 10 to 17.30*

– February 17th from 10 to 17.30*

*On the B2B platform you will be able to select the date and time that suits you the best: you don’t need to be available all day.

We are looking forward to meeting you.Register for free here: AEWEN Country Day Tunisia #2 and B2B Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

Webinar Water & Energy opportunities in Tunisia

Webinar Water & Energy opportunities in Tunisia

In the framework of the AEWEN (Africa Europe Water & Energy Network) project, we invite you to our webinar on January 25th. If you are an EU company interested in going international, Tunisia could be your target country.

Our Tunisian partners and other relevant actors will present the country’s most relevant information with a particular focus on the complementary fields of water and energy.

Take part in our 2-hours webinar to discover:

  • the country and its economic, administrative and legal framework
  • which local actors are involved in the green transition
  • Tunisia’s water and energy sectors
  • the European programmes for partnerships.

This is the first appointment for those that could be interested in joining the AEWEN mission to Tunisia in June 2023.

Useful information:

Where: online webinar on Zoom

When: 25th January from 10 to 12 am

Who: companies interested in the Tunisian Water & Energy markets.

Registration is free but mandatory: Register now

The detailed webinar programme will be disclosed soon.

Mission to Morocco

Mission to Morocco

Last week the AEWEN project carried out its first international mission in Morocco. The mission lasted three days, from Monday the 12th to Wednesday the 14th of December with an intensive programme and the participation of 15 European enterprises; Green City Wallonie, Greenplug Engineering, Haulogy, IDRABEL, Société Wallonne des Eaux and TRAQUA S.A.  from Belgium, Energy Pool and Hydromobil Groupe HWP from France, Coesa srl and Energ Trade from Italy, Unex, Keiken, ITC and Sigma Clarifiers from Spain, and MBEGU SOLAR AB from Sweden. 

On Monday 12th, Moroccan and European companies gathered in Casablanca for the opening ceremony conducted by Samid Ghailane. Catherine Delahaye, from Cluster Tweed. gave some insights into the Aewen project and gave the floor to Mr. Soulimane Kaichouh, Head of the Drinking Water Supply, Sanitation and Stormwater Reclamation Division in the Ministry of Water of Morocco. He deepened the water situation in Morocco as a water stressed country and gave an overview of the Moroccan water needs. 

After a networking coffee-break, two round-tables moderated by Samid Ghailane were held. During the first one, under the headline “Water Stress in Morocco- how to react to emergencies”, the attendants could further get to know the needs of the country in terms of water. Challenges and strategies were presented by Mrs. HananeBENQLILOU, Head of the Technical Assistance Department at the International Institute of Water and Sanitation of ONEE, Mr. Soulimane KAICHOUH, Head of the Drinking Water Supply, Sanitation and Rainwater Reclamation Division and  Mr. Saad AZZAOUI, Director of the Contracting Authority at Lydec. 

The second round-table addressed the energy sector under the headline “Morocco goes green – Perspectives of Renewable Energies in Morocco”. The perspectives were discussed among Mr. Moundir ZNIBER, President – General Manager of Gaia Energy,  Mr. Saad AZZAOUI, Director of the Contracting Authority at Lydec, Mr. Khalid SEMMAOUI, President Amisole, General Manager of GreenYellow Morocco and Mr. Amine AHMARRAS, Chief Service of Amee (Moroccan Agency for Energy efficiency) and Mrs. HananeBENQLILOU, as a representative of ONEE.  

The round-tables highlighted the importance of energy supply to guarantee water access in the country and the importance of green transition. A few notable facts are that Morocco has experienced water stress for the fourth consecutive year and that the country aims to achieve 52% of renewable energy supply by 2030 thanks to the solar and wind energy potential. 

After some time to exchange experiences, impressions and get to know each other, the program continued with B2Bs among European and Moroccan enterprises. The agenda concluded with a networking cocktail at the Onomo Hotel in Casablanca where all the companies were invited to participate. 
The second working day was held in Rabat in the Hotel Le Divan MGallery in presence of Mr. Ali MEHREZ, Moroccan Diaspora & Strategic partnerships at AMDIE and Mr. Mhamed BEN MOKHTAR, Head of territorial offer and promotion division – Regional Investment Centre Rabat-Salé-Kenitra. They gave some insights into the Moroccan business culture and how this is an open country for investments. After these allocutions, B2B meetings were held. In the afternoon the participants visited a Wastewater Treatment plant of Lydec, Eaucean Casablanca and a power transformation plant of Lydec.

Working sessions and B2B during the mission.

The last day of the mission was carried out in the industrial centre of Jorf Lasfar where Mr. Radi Anwar, president of CGEM and CEO Africa and Middle east of Enosis, joined the delegation to visit different industries. The first visit was the OCP-Jorf Lasfar site, one of the world largest phosphate producers. The enterprises delegation could visit some of their installations such as the desalination plant supplied by their own energy overage, with a high capacity that allows them to provide their own water needs. The second visit was to AMA detergent site, a growing detergent industry producing raw material for the biggest detergent industries in the world and their own detergent  brand for the household. They shared their plans to improve its energy supply with green energy. Finally, the companies went to Taqa Morocco, an independent energy private producer. During the visit they showed how they want to move towards the green transition, for instance their plans for solar and wind energy. 

Visits of the Aewen delegation.

This full agenda provided the EU delegation with valuable information about the energy sector, the water sector, and the business culture in Morocco. Next year, we will explore the Senegalese and Tunisian market. Stay tuned for further information!

New call for proposals!

New call for proposals!

Within the framework of the AEWEN, a project co-financed by the European Union under the COSME – Clusters go international programme, a three-day trade mission to Senegal is being organised to encourage face-to-face interactions between European and Senegalese companies and to foster the development of business and research partnerships.

The AEWEN consortium is looking for a subcontractor to organise the mission, which will include various activities: a welcome reception, information sessions, presentations by key stakeholders, networking sessions (B2B) and visits to relevant sites.

Participation in tendering procedures is open under equal conditions to all natural and legal persons. Economic actors may create a consortium to answer to the present call. Partners supporting the project are allowed to submit a proposal.

Applications will be selected according to common and transparent criteria. They will be reviewed by the AEWEN consortium. The contract will be awarded to the proposal offering best value for money.

The application must be submitted in PDF format in French or English by 15 December 2022, 18:00 GMT.

If you are interested and wish to receive the detailed call for proposal, please send an email to: Mélissa Chibko, with cc to



From 8th to 11th November, Ecomondo and Key Energy fairs took place. They both are worldwide recognised and are really important for the environmental sector: Ecomondo focuses on waste & resources, circular bioeconomy and water, while Key Energy is specialised in renewable energies, energy efficiency and e-mobility.

Our partner Environment Park participated in the fair with a virtual booth, that gave them some visibility to the projects they are part of, including AEWEN. It was also a chance to meet some members of the network and new companies that may be potentially interested in the project.

The AEWEN team managed to sign a cooperation agreement with the Technopark of Borj Cédria, an ecopark based in Tunisia. It was a great occasion to meet personally the CEO and Director of innovation and technological development of the park and to discuss about common interests.

During the fair, the team followed some events concerning renewable energy and water treatment projects, technologies and opportunities in emerging markets. They were led by the World Bank and hosted the African Development Bank (AfDB) and European Investment Bank (EIB), among others.

Webinar “Water & Energy Opportunities in Senegal”

Webinar “Water & Energy Opportunities in Senegal”

Water & Energy Opportunities in Senegal – Overview 

Presenting opportunities in the water and energy sectors in Senegal was the objective of the webinar organised by the AEWEN consortium in cooperation with 8 Senegalese stakeholders on 29 September. The event was a success with about 50 participants from 8 African and European countries.

Investment opportunities

Senegal’s investments and economic strategy are currently based on the Emerging Senegal Plan (PSE – 2014-2023), introduced by Mr. Félix Daby DIACK of the Bureau Opérationnel de Suivi du PSE. This strategy aims by 2035 inclusive growth that will help reduce inequalities, and effectively and sustainably finance human development and good governance.

The country provides opportunities in various sectors, including energy, water & sanitation. Ms. Adama GUEYE from APIX, underlined the active role that the private sector has to play. 

Which place for renewable energies?

Ms. Yaye Catherine DIOP, presented the energy strategy of the Ministry of Oil & Energy, whose challenges are to diversify energy sources and to connect them to the network and extend it. In terms of electrification, one of the main opportunities lies in the Gas to Power strategy. 

The development of renewable energies is also an inherent part of the strategy. Their share in the mix has increased by 22% between 2012 and 2021. Many actors are involved: institutional actors, the private sector, NGOs and civil society, as well as universities and training centres. The members of the Conseil Patronal des Energies Renouvelables du Sénégal (COPERES), Mr. SIOW, Mr. DIOUM and Mr. NIASSE, presented these actors, the governance of the renewable energy sector and its challenges.

Finally, the renewable energy sector is based on a legal and regulatory framework, described by Mr. Kader DIOP of the National Agency for Renewable Energies (ANER). The latest amendments concern the electricity code and the law on the regulator.

Numerous projects are being programmed, both by the Ministry of Oil & Energy and ANER.

How to achieve universal access to sanitation and water? 

The World Water Forum held in Dakar in March 2022 raised important questions on water and also sanitation issues. The Office National pour l’Assainissement au Sénégal (ONAS) wants to reach universal access to sanitation in urban and rural areas by 2030. There are still many technical and financial challenges, as explained by Mr. Kader KONATE during the webinar. These include the renewal and reinforcement of existing facilities, wastewater treatment, the exploitation of by-products, the search for new financing and long-term funding.

The private sector has a role to play in achieving this objective, as Ms. Christine FAYE of SIVICA pointed out. She also addressed the challenges encountered today, such as the difficulty to access finance for small businesses and the need to scale solutions to meet the needs of the population. There is high potential to develop solutions and improve sanitation in Senegal. 

Following these first exchanges on water & energy, a joint mission will be organised in Senegal in 2023. In the meantime, the webinar is available for replay.

The AEWEN project has one year!

The AEWEN project has one year!

One year ago, four European clusters specialised in the water and energy sectors launched an ambitious project: AEWEN for Africa Europe Water & Energy Network.

What is the AEWEN project?

This European funded project aims to build a sustainable African-European network to encourage collaborations on innovative water and green energy solutions and to support the internationalisation of SMEs. Three African countries are involved in this project: Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia.

Visit the project website for further information.

What has been achieved so far?

  • 146 members joined the network and were mapped according to their activity
  • 9 partnerships signed with key stakeholders in Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia
  • 3 workshops with African partners
  • 3 webinars organised for companies with the aim to explain the project, to share experience and intelligence on countries.
  • 1 internationalisation strategy
  • 91 companies and business organisations participated in AEWEN’s activities
  • 2 international fairs (IFAT Munich & World Water Forum Dakar) and many more events to promote the network

What’s next?

Over 2023, webinars will be organised for companies to gain knowledge on funding opportunities and key topics to support their internationalisation. In addition, SMEs will have the opportunity to take part in collective business missions to Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia.

Stay tuned for further information on AEWEN’s activities!