Water & Energy funding opportunities to go international – replay of the webinar

From EU to bilateral through multilateral funding, SMEs have various opportunities to finance their projects. On September 20th over 45 companies and other organisations participated in the webinar dedicated to funding opportunities.

Water and energy projects have the possibility to be funded through programmes of the European Union. Thelma Pellicer and Nicolas Espitalier presented a guide for European funding, including general principles, information on the different EU programmes and some recommendations. The guide was produced as part of the euWater4i-SD project.

Consultants can help companies in developing their projects. Sanne Sulejmani, from Leyton for example, presented the key steps to follow. The webinar was an opportunity to learn from EU SMEs’ experience. Three companies, LuciSun, Odit-E and Idrabel, shared their knowledge and best practices. 

International funding is also available. Companies can turn to financial donors, as Patrick Heinrichs from AWEX explained. Participating in public procurement is another possibility. The project Pro SME supports companies in this regard by proposing tools to acquire competencies and be able to bid for public contracts.

Finally, companies can rely on the bilateral cooperation agencies. Sophie Colette from Enabel presented for instance the target sectors of the Belgian cooperation, with focus on water and energy, the target countries and the engagement of the private sector.

You missed the webinar? You can watch the replay here

If you wish to receive the presentations, you can contact Catherine Delahaye:cdelahaye@clustertweed.be