AEWEN brings together the expertise of 4 well established european clusters specialised in water and energy


Tenerrdis is a French energy cluster based in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the largest industrial region in France. It is a gateway into a dynamic innovation ecosystem with over 240 members spanning industrials, small and medium enterprises, research and technology organisations and public bodies. Tenerrdis covers the entire energy value chain:

  • Renewable energy production and integration into the energy mix
  • Energy conversion and storage
  • Embedded intelligence and cybersecurity for energy systems
  •  Multi-energy microgrids
  •   Carbon-free mobility
  • Energy-efficiency for buildings and industry

 The cluster assists its members with their collaborative innovation projects and business development in France and internationally. Given the activity fields, the African market is especially targeted. As a member of the International Cleantech Network, Tenerrdis can reach out to 15,000 SMEs and more than 100 cities in Europe, North America, Argentina and South Africa.

Tenerrdis is in charge of coordinating the AEWEN project and supporting the
internationalisation of SMEs. In addition, the cluster will be responsible for the cooperation with Senegal.

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Cluster TWEED* is a Belgian cluster organisation bringing together more than one hundred companies working on sustainable solutions in the energy, environment and water sector. Our goal is to strengthen exchanges and foster collaboration between our members in order to boost business opportunities and consolidate win-win partnerships.

The areas of our current projects are SmartGrids (Renewable Energy Communities), Hydrogen, Connected Mobility, Energy Storage and the Water sector.

*TWEED=Technology of Wallonia Energy Environment and sustainable Development

Within AEWEN project, TWEED is in charge of leading the Partnership Building and developing a joint internationalisation strategy plan and roadmap. In addition, the cluster will be responsible for the cooperation with Morocco.

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The CLEVER Cluster (Cleantech&Energy innoVation clustER) is one of the 7 Innovation Clusters of the Piedmont Region (Italy) and operates in the Energy and Clean Technologies field.

The Cluster is currently composed of more than 160 members, small and medium-sized enterprises, public and private research centres, and large enterprises.

Environment Park – in collaboration with Consorzio Univer – manages the Cluster and aims to support its members in their ecological transition, through the supply of services, technical and methodological support and open labs.

Specifically, CLEVER aims to: 

  • Provide infrastructures and services with high added value for a green transition;
  • Understand the technological needs of the companies for eco-innovation;
  • Support regional actors in running innovation policies;
  • Favour knowledge-sharing and networking among companies, research centres, public authorities and all the interested parties.

Within AEWEN project, CLEVER is in charge of onboarding SMEs and other
stakeholders from Europe and Africa into the “Africa-Europe Water & Energy Network” and setting up the conditions for collaborations. In addition, the cluster will be responsible for the cooperation with Tunisia.

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The CATALAN WATER PARTNERSHIP (CWP) is the Catalan Cluster of the sustainable use of water, located in the North East of Spain.

CWP was launched in 2008, as a non profit strategic association business oriented, formed companies and research centres that work in sector of the sustainable use of water, which mission is to improve the competitiveness of its members.

The CWP involves consultancies, centres of knowledge, equipment manufacturers and other entities involved in the water cycle and in the solutions for the sustainable use of water.  The CWP promotes projects and multilevel collaborations, for developing innovative & sustainable solutions to the global water needs, in any part of the world.

Within AEWEN project, CWP is in charge of the communication and dissemination activities. To ensure sustainability of the AEWEN activities, a blueprint for sustainability will be developed.

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