Feedback on the mission to Senegal

Dakar, 4th to 6th of July 2023 – 22 European companies participated in the business mission which was organised by the AEWEN and ESECA partnerships. The aim was to explore the renewable energy, smart grid and water markets as well as to intensify collaboration among European and Senegalese companies.

The three-day mission included a comprehensive programme, which started with an overview of the local market. The conference was opened by the Delegation of the European Union in Senegal, followed by an overview of the energy sector made by the Ministry of Oil & Energy and by a representant of TotalEnergies which provided support for the mission. In addition, two panel discussions gave a deeper understanding of the water and energy markets. Senegalese national agencies and private companies highlighted their willingness to cooperate on innovation projects, the need to encourage technology transfer and the importance of sustainable projects taking into account economic and social ecosystems.

“I enjoyed the mission, which, through the round-tables and discussions with local manufacturers and participants, gave me a better understanding of Senegal’s energy context” (STOLECT).

The European companies also presented their business activity during pitch sessions organised on that day. The conference gathered over 80 participants including Senegalese companies, which gave the opportunity to start the B2B meetings that went on during the next two days. “I think it was good to both have our pitches on the first day and visiting potential partners and customers directly at their office” (MAGNANO).

Another important aspect, and not the least, was addressed during this mission: funding. Eurocham hosted a an afterwork dedicated to funding opportunities for European and African companies in Senegal. This was also an appropriate place to meet with other local companies on a more informal basis.

The mission achieved its goal: supporting SMEs to go international, explore the market and initiate collaborations. “Our main objectives were to know the water market in Senegal and to meet with potential clients. The objectives have been achieved” (BLUEPHAGE). Let’s follow up the collaborations!

You want to go international? Our next business mission will be in Tunisia from 25th to 29th of September, followed by a mission to Morocco in November.