9 cooperation agreements signed with African partners

The AEWEN partnership has signed cooperation agreements with 9 partners in Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia in order to build and promote the African European network.

Tunisia in order to build and promote the African European network.

From the very beginning, the consortium established contacts with different organisations in three African countries. In January 2022, a virtual meeting was organised for each country (see article on the ECCP) in order to get to know each other and pave the way towards a future collaboration.

So far, the consortium can count on the support of nine local partners:

  • In Morocco – AMEE (Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency) and FENELEC (Federation of electricity, electronics and renewable energy)
  • In Senegal – CISAO (Italian-Senegalese and West African Chamber of Commerce), COPERES (Business Council of Renewable Energies of Senegal), PNES (Senegalese national water partnership) and UGB (Gaston Berger University)
  • In Tunisia – CERTE (Water Researches and Technologies Center), Cluster Monastir-El-Fejja MFCPOLE and Tunisian Cluster for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (TuniCREE)

They share the same objectives of building a sustainable network, developing relations between Africa and Europe, supporting solutions related to water and renewable energy, and increasing mutual knowledge and skill sharing. To this end, several cooperation areas have been identified:

  • Building the network by identifying companies and other organisations interested in international cooperation in the water and energy sectors
  • Co-organising or participating in events such as webinars and trade missions
  • Putting companies in touch with each other
  • Relaying information to network members and to a wider audience

The collaboration already bore fruits. 45 Moroccan, Senegalese and Tunisian companies and other organisations joined the AEWEN network. In addition, the Moroccan partners presented the water and energy sectors during a webinar on opportunities in Morocco.

Stay tuned to learn about the next events and opportunities!